Wednesday, October 28, 2009



Wow! after almost two month of hiatus from writing! No no i haven't forgotten about my lovely blog. Although sometimes the thought of discontinuing my blog came across my mind, but after thinking of the hard time and work i have put into editing my lovely pink blog, i guess i should keep on writing and posting. But this time maybe just about random stuff or thoughts of mine. And for those who tagged me last time, I'm truly sorry i cannot do your tag etc, it's really hard for me to do because with the pack class, tonnes of lab report, assignment and study for killer subject, sitting in front of the lappy for a long hours is a big NO NO to me. Capital letter, bold, blink-blink red color 'NO' just like Dr. Rohi my lovely lecturer said. Oh I adore him so much! The best ever lecturer have been teaching me! Oh it doesn't me others are not good. It just that he is extra special *wink-wink*. (Oh my i hope i'm not making any controvertial statement here.) I love all my lecturer, they all are the best and if they are not good/qualified, how come they given a job to teach a super-lazy people like me? -_-" I'm planning to be a lecturer one day wish me luck ya!

Reading back my previous post makes me wonder, OH MY GOD NANA! What have u been talking, blabbering about in your blog for the past few month??!! T_T so childish, so immatured! Huhu. *knock herself* . I'm gonna deleting some of my old post. So today is a brand new me writing here. Hope i can control myself not to talk nonsense. -_-" But thats why they develop this blog thingy rite? For people to talk nonsense. Ok not all but some yes. And its me.

Hmm how to be matured, look matured, or act like a matured people? I have been thinking about this for a long time. Put some wrinkles at the coorner of the eye can make someone matured? *long sigh -_________-"* Eh abig NO NO. i don't want wrinkle at this young age. If i do have i'll inject BOTOX. Guess i gotta learn from my lecturer how to make BOTOX. *wink-wink* I'll get to this topic later ya guys! Haha note to itself: you are officially 21 years old now act just like your age!

Actually i have a LOT story to write here, depends on you my lovely follower or guys out there to read or not. I'm writing here because i think it is time for me to keep tracking of what i have done in the past so that the wonderful, happiness or sad moment didn't lost. ^_^ All random stuff just like i mention above.

Ok guys bye for now. It is time for me to continue study. I'm in the middle of exam. And tomorrow is one of my killer subject paper. Can't wait for tomorrow. Fighting!

nota kaki: phew berjaya menulis fully in english walaupun macam ade yang tak betul di sana-sini. so entry lepas ni adelah rojak. Heee~ mixture of malay and english. Eh lepastu jadi manglish lah? -_-"



Anonymous said...

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Cufa said...

lme giler xupdate.
same cm aku jugak.
nway gudluck utk exam! :)

niesz said...

gud luck d best k!

Nana said...

IMcurtain : Oh oke!

Cufa: a'ah lame gak..sekarang baru rase nak start update balik. tapi x kerap cam dulu kot... T_T

niesz: thx...

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