Saturday, December 12, 2009

After story

Nothing interesting happens lately. That explain the no update. Lucky there is internet for entertaining me. *clapclap*

I have been watching Boys Over Flower lately a Korean version of Hana Yori Dango. Due to my hectic schedule i cannot watch it earlier. Sigh. Dem I know I'll be addicted to this series! Korea version punya memang berbeza dengan version yang lain coz' everything are cute. The plot, the place, the scene oh and the boys too. They are too hot for me to handle. ROFL. Teehee :) Tapi ada beberapa episod yang agak exagerated but overall it's ok. They make a little twist to the plot and that makes this story more interesting to watch.

a little bit synopsis:

Jandi was just an outcast in the new school until she met the four richest spoilt boys nicknamed F4 (which stands for Flower 4). F4 is a notorious group that will make life miserable for those who retorts them. Jandi crosses path with the leader of the group when she defended her friend whom accidentally dropped ice-cream on his shoe. She was subjected to bully from the entire school after receiving a red card from F4. When the head strong Jandi could no longer tolerate the bullying, she confronted the leader, Junpyo. After that confrontation, Junpyo began to fall for her and hence begins the romance between Jandi and F4.

Credit here.

Lee Min Ho aka Gu JunPyo
He look so cool in this school uniform. How I wish our uniform are like this.

I like his character JunPyo. A spoilt boy with a very bad temper and high ego. He is smart, good at everything he does and fluent in numerous languages but somehow he couldn't master the Korean language. ROFL! However he is loyal guy who loves one girl only. Wow! Something yang kita tak akan jumpa dalam dunia nyata. That why Drama is fun Reality sucks. Oh dia juga yang paling good looking from others. :)

Oh I want to buy the DVDs!

Ada juga sambungan siri ni dalam bentuk musical drama. Ada empat bahagian for each of F4. Dah tentu-tentu lah tengok bahagian JunPyo dulu. Sangat sweet but kinda disappointed because the main girl character are not there. Sigh. Surprisingly he can sing walaupun agak biasa-biasa je la. But the efforts is there. Check dekat youtube for those who interested to watch.

Dem! I really need to shop! New bag, new shoes I really need it! Ada jugak few things that I have to buy before the semester started.

P/s: I have been playing with roflbot. Haha agak fun la sebab boleh letak caption yang kelakar dekat gambar. :D


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